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Today let’s talk about the Six main types of Capital.
1)Financial Capital- this is the base for initiating the business and gathering various other resources. It can be gathered from debt and equity.
2)Human Capital- this is the input from staff members and refers to the skills, knowledge and habits of staff members that help in accomplishing bar tasks in the most productive manner.
3)Social Capital- these are societal resources available to the business firm. They are also social relations employees develop with each other while working together.
4)Intellectual Capital- intangible value of the business that helps in achieving competitive advantage in industry. It incorporates other forms, that is, human, structural and relational capital.
5)Natural Capital-all the natural resources that are used in business to produce various goods and services. This is environmental stock and can be used for environmental accounting.
6) Reputational Capital- the Organisation’s reputation can be measured in quantitative terms. This is the sum total of various intangible resources of the Organization and may include patents, copyrights, quality, trademarks and sustainability.

Overally all these have and will bring monetary value to the business.

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