Drawing from Their Experience: Mindset series.

Good morning fàmily.

Today we want to talk about fear of what people think versus drawing from their experience. Often times we fail to implement our ideas simply because someone else told you it will not work or you are not good at it. But have you stopped and asked them, what was their experience too?

Ask your potential customers and consumers how they have been surviving without this product. Where have they been sourcing it and was it easy or hard for them. Ask that person discouraging you if the product will be a pain killer or a vitamin for them. Sometimes they are just telling you to restrategize, rethink and implement your idea as giving the clients a painkiller. Our ideas may always have critics but remember that, they may end up as your clients, if not the best most times or they will be the ones to feel the tension too.

Some are willing to partner with you but they want confidence from you that they will get what they expect.

So what are you waiting for, learn from the experience of your customers, consumers and those in your network to see how you will implement your idea.

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