February Theme: Valentine Series

As we all know, February is the month of love and i have dedicated this month’s theme to love too. Valentine Series is the main theme that is going to be on most of our stories. This is because in this month,it is one special and global event that we all experience and some celebrate. This is also the month when the girl child falls prey to violence and abuse as they give in to inferiority, peer pressure and that desire to experiment as you grow. It may sound strange but one in every three women you meet has been a victim at one point or another. As N.R Hart clearly states on that picture, the most vulnerable loves the hardest and this is usually the girl child. Due to vulnerability chances are high that they settle for less and the end result is usually, rape, gender based violence or getting chronic illnesses. The challenge comes when they suffer from all this and fail to find anyone to confide with. Ask yourself now, can i be trusted with someone else’s case? What help can i give? If you still fail to answer these two, stop and think again, you could be a victim too. Due to vulnerability, most ladies are moving out there carrying heavy loads in their hearts. Is it not time to initiate change? Be there for that one girl in your life, safe guard them and listen to their story. Make sure their voice is heard and acknowledged too. #SpreadingLove #WeAllNeedLove #InitiateChange.

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