Friendship: Motherhood series

This is not how I had envisioned it. As a leader I was just supposed to show them the room, help them find cleaning materials and give them their keys and also orient them to the girls dormitories making sure to show them the most important places. But here was I, agreeing to sit down and talk to a mother I never knew, with a daughter I wasn’t even friends with. Strange!!! She looked persistent so I quickly agreed to her command and sat there. Emilda did the same too.

“I noticed you were crying Emmah and do you care to share what your problem is. Do not be afraid, Emy is my daughter and a very friendly person too, she would never make fun of you or tell anybody your secret. You are a leader we understand and you are expected to be strong for other kids but it’s okay to break down at some point, we all have those hidden problems and suppressed feelings that we fail to freely express to anyone.” She said all this calmly and even if I wanted to deny her access to my story, she had already won my heart.

I smiled back at them and started by thanking Mrs Jones for being the mother I lost at a tender age. It had been long since I felt the care, kindness and comfort of a mother and the chance she gave me to share my story with her was golden to me. I explained how I had lost my dear mother to cancer at age six and how life had been hard for me in the hands of a stepmother. My mother had left me as the only child for my father and since my father was still young, he had grabbed the opportunity and married another woman. This woman really pretended to care for me when he was around and said hurting words full of hatred whenever he wasn’t around.

“How I wish they would just let me go and maybe stay at an orphanage or maybe be adopted at a foster home”, I said these words loudly and I noticed the two ladies looking at me in total amazement. They both had tears in their eyes that I couldn’t understand. It was like they were experiencing mixed feelings as they sat there, they both were budding with the hope to tell me something but were struggling on who should start.

Finally Emilda said something. “Firstly Emmah you are a very good person and don’t ever hate or hurt yourself because of how they treat you. Your birth was never a mistake but a real blessing. Do you know what, I have something to tell you too…….”

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