Friendship: Motherhood Series.

*You see, sixteen years ago, I was an unwanted child. My mother had me in her teens and she was never ready to take care of me. It was good that she did not abort me but a few days after my birth she threw me away. She left me on the front gate of my now family. Even now i fail to understand what she was thinking of dropping me at midnight.” Emilda started crying but continued speaking. “It was fortunate that my now father was awake at that time and his study room was near the gate. He heard someone move outside and immediately opened the curtains. At first he hesitated, what if there were thieves tricking him? After seeing my mother’s innocence, he knew something was definitely wrong. He went upstairs and called his wife who was busy praying during the midnight watch. He waited for her to finish and before he spoke, she told him there was a child that had been left in the gate and it was a blessing for them to keep.

My Dad was amazed and he immediately agreed to go out and take me in. This is how i became a daughter of this family Emmah. They treat me as their own amd it took then ten good years to finally tell me the truth. My dad had seen my mother’s face when she dropped me at their and ten years she now wanted to take me back. How could she dare do such a thing to a family that sacrificed their all to give me this kind of life? As if she didn’t feel ashamed enough, my biological mother took the case to court. This is the only my parents had to remind me that i wasn’t their daughter by birth but i was theirs to keep and that made me so happy. She lost the case for she had lost me willingly and no one had forced her at all. I would understand if you have a past like mine or even worse because this woman here has groomed me into a very string woman. This strength and confidence is not going to be mine alone but for every other lady in the same situatuon. I am a proud daughter of a psychologist.”

She was now smiling and holding her mother’s hands. I admired this kind of bond. How i wish it would also be mine someday and i would have a mother who loves, supports and cherishes me. Their love was so real. Before i spoke, her mother had something to say too. “Emilda here became a daughter we never had, I only had two sons and up to now she has been my sunshine. You are welcome to be her friend and you can also come to our house whenever you wish to. Emmah you are loved and don’t ever think otherwise.” I felt special and by now i had a bright smile on my face. When i was sure we were done talking, i thanked both of them and asked for her mother’s permission for us to go back to class as visitors were not allowed to stay longer in the hostels.

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