Knowing each other: Valentine series

After a very long pause i finally answered. My name is Nyarie Emmah Kapita, born and bred in Masvingo. I came to Harare all because of college and i was then fortunate to find a job here too. My relationship life has nothing much that you can be interested in, i am the second child in a family of three and in terms of friends well my circle is full of males as i have bad experiences with girls. He smiled as he kept staring at me and at this point i was waiting for the most common question that usually pops up but he said a totally different thing. “I am in live with your profile Emmah and i would love it if we take this journey we just began further, i would like to get to know you better.” What? So he was no serial killer or private investigator. Was he not here to know more about that famous relative of mine everyone asks me on our very first encounter? Surprising but interesting and quite charming too. Who was he? Was he ab angel sent from heaven and did he really not have anything to do with politics? I became eager to know his story now but he smile somehow stopped me from asking too much. All i ever did was blush while he took the dessert from the waiter’s hands and carefully placed it in front of me. It was my favorite vanilla ice cream and before i knew it he was already holding the spoon to feed me. This guy was charming and i really wanted to get to know him better too. By the time we called it a night, we had already agreed and set a day for our next date. Hello readers, February is over and this marks the end of Valentine Series. like, share, comment and be sure to follow my blog. Be ready for March it will be power packed. Twitter: @Emmline6 Facebook page: Emmline books Official Instagram: Missm770

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