I believe we have once heard of the statement leader before so I will ask at least five of us to share what they understand by the term *Leader*?
A leader is:1)someone who can see how things can be improved and who rallies people to move toward that better vision.2)a leader works towards making their vision a reality while putting people first.3)a leader is empathetic and connects with people to be successful.
*A leader is the head guy/gal, the one running the show.*
 Both pictures are talking of Good leadership skills and this takes us to another question:
What is a good/great leader?-an individual who posses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus.-helps people reach their goals, are not afraid to hire people that might be better than them and take pride in the accomplishments of those they help along the way.
Take time to pause, are you a good leader or you are somewhere in between?
 Here’s a scenario;
*Mark has been a manager at a firm for ten years now. For the past two years staff have been coming in and leaving and he has imposed long working hours without any allowances for the workers. One of the workers tried approaching him and was fired just after raising their observation. Mark is strict on deadlines and he barely takes any days off work.*
Discuss if Mark is a good or bad leader and what can he do to improve?
Moving on, let’s talk about *the Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader*:1)Vision- a good leader knows the Vision at hand, follows the vision and is ready to build others through the vision.2) Inspiration- a great leader is self inspired and also inspires others to carry the vision forward.3)Strategic and Critical Thinker- a good leader employs critical thinking whenever a situation is presented and they always have a better strategy.4) Interpersonal Communication- a good leader knows how to communicate well and bring the person next to them closer without provoking emotions.5) Authenticity and Self Awareness- a great leader is aware of self and proves to be authentic all the time.6)Open Mindedness and Creativity- a great leader is open to new ideas and has good creative skills.7) Flexibility- this is hard with most general leaders but a great leaders is flexible and quick to adapt to changing environments.8) Responsibility and Dependability- a great leader shows responsibility all the time and proves to be dependable to subordinates.9)Patience and Tenacity- patience is a virtue and it is one thing that sets aside a great leader from everyone else.10) Continuous Improvement- a great knows that they do not know it all and there is need to continuously learn from others and improve.
Here are some 14 Leadership Traits.*The Precursor to the Marine Corps’ 14*
*Bearing, Courage, Decisiveness, Dependability, Endurance, Enthusiasm, Initiative, Integrity, Judgment, Justice, Knowledge, Loyalty, Trust and Unselfishness*
Department of the Army Pamphlet No 22-1 Leadership’ 1948
So how does a good leader behave?
Let’s hear your thoughts first.
If you were tasked to craft a list of behaviour patterns that you think good leaders need to be successful, what would be involved?
 *Behaviour of A Good Leader:*
1)always tell the truth, create a foundation of fairness and openness.2) Communicate constantly and exhibit strong active listening skills. Is approachable.3)Is frank, but kind. Very encouraging.4)Is a problem solver and part of the solution. Is willing to delegate.5) Shows patience, discipline and determination.6) Loves what they do and have a generous spirit.7) Finds balance in their work/ life experiences and encourage and help others to do the same.8)Leads by example. Is receptive to new ideas. Is both a teacher and a leader. Values creativity and let’s people stretch themselves.9) Exercises moral courage.10) Creates an ongoing reward and recognition program.11) Has a heart and is not afraid to show it.
 What styles of Leadership are there?1) Autocratic- decisions are centralised on the leader.2) Democratic- the leader allows the people to have a voice.3) Laissez faire/Free rein leadership- everyone is free to fo what they want.4) Beaurucratic- there are lots of channels to be followed for a final decision to be made.
Which style do you like and why?

So why is Leadership Important?-for initiating action in the individual’s and the organization’s life span.-providing motivation-creating confidence-providing guidance-building work environment-coordination of activities-creating successors.-induces change.

 Having said this, do you now see that you an important masterpiece for your organization, family and yourself?
What drives your leadership?
Remember Passion is an important driver of leadership.
What is Passion? -a fuel that inspires and drives people(put your name here) toward specific goals no matter how unlikely or difficult they might be.-it generates enthusiasm needed to plow through the biggest obstacles and overcome the most intractable challenges.
How do you find Passion as a leader?1) look for high points in what you do.2)pay attention to what you spend more time and effort on.3) consider topics you like leading others in.4)think about your strengths.5)take the elements apart.6) explore leadership options.
It is always important to lead with passion for passion will drive the vision forward.
Before I finish, I want you to do this exercise as your major take away for the day.
Let’s see how much effort you take in answering these 5 questions.1) Who are you?2) Where are you right now?3) Where are you going?4) What values will guide me?5) How will I get there?
This is one thing you should constantly do as you rise through your leadership and as you take on new posts.
Having said this, as a leader you should be willing to:°Do the work°Build your network°Check your ego°Make it your own°Focus on Progress°Take strategic risks°Give back to the Community.

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