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Happy New Year from us at Emmline Books and the team behind the scenes. The Support you gave us in 2021 has been great and we hope that in 2022 you will take the bold step to subscribe and build together with us.

2021 was full of ups and downs and we hope you have now braced up with your resolutions for 2022. Goal setting is sometimes hard but what can be even harder is managing and following the demands of the goals. Many times I’ve watched people fail to move from one point to another or fail to venture into something different and this was chiefly because of failure to manage their work well.

In this month, we are going to talk about management and this will be our area of focus. Someone can be saying, but I do not want anything managed in my life, well, yes you do. It could be that business, it could be your goals, it could be your career, it could be your relationship. There are a lot of areas where management works and it is important that we keep updated and know how to go about our work.

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