Marriage series: Pregnancy

I felt so sick this morning hence I asked Michael to tell the manager that I would not make it to work. He agreed and also gave me money to go to the nearby pharmacy and get a pregnancy test kit. Worry and fear was written all over his face and that cute and smiling face had turned to a sad and fierce one. Even though he tried to comfort me but I could sense that the atmosphere around us had tensed a little bit.

After he left for work, I forced myself out of bed and went to take a bath. I still felt nauseous but I realized I had nothing more to vomit as I was not in the habit of eating too much food. Once I was done, I changed into simple clothing, or can I say into what I found closer for me to wear. There was a car in the garage but I needed a walk, so I just made sure to lock my doors and left for the pharmacy. At the pharmacy, I was attended to by this beautiful and ever smiling young lady and she even spared some time to explain to me how to use the pregnancy test kit.
I rushed home and did not even care to look out for cars or listen to anyone who attempted to talk to me. In few minutes, I had reached home and I went straight to the bathroom and followed the instructions as written and as illustrated by the lady from the pharmacy. Twenty minutes later, I got the shocker for my day, it was confirmed that I was pregnant. At first, I jumped with excitement but immediately changed my mood after sparing a thought of a conversation from two weeks ago. Michael had said he wanted to take things slow and he wanted to do the right procedure of paying the bride price first before I fall pregnant. I suddenly felt weak in my legs and I threw myself on the sofa.

Should I call him or should I wait for him to come back home. Just then, my phone rang and it startled me, I almost jumped from the sofa. Where had I left it? I had to look for it and the caller hung up before I found it. It was Michael and am sure my late response got him worried and he stormed out of the office back home. After fifteen minutes, I received a call from my manager and he wanted to understand what was happening as Michael had just left the office in a hurry to explain anything. I reassured him that everything was fine and I was feeling better now and once Michael calmed down, he would call him back.

It took him thirty minutes to arrive home, a distance that usually took us forty five minutes and he banged the door on his way in. I got more scared but still found the courage to stand up and meet him in the kitchen as he had used this entrance. He hugged me and from his hug I could really feel the worry and fear. “Emmie why didn’t you pick my call, you got me so worried and I thought you had done something to yourself.” I looked at him, with tears in my eyes this time and I failed to speak.

The pregnancy test kit was still showing the results and when he saw the result, he shouted cursing words that I even find hard to say now. He looked at me and I could see that his look had anger, resentment and harshness. I felt like we were now at a stare contest, for he looked at me for close to ten minutes without saying anything.

Would you have expected to hear anything from this relationship besides pregnancy?
The art of cohabitation always leads to pregnancy or unending fights.
Have you ever cohabitated? What was the experience like?
When you choose a relationship and want to make it serious to the extent of staying together, what do you spare time to know about your partner? Do you know their family or the source of their income besides their current job?
Now that you are cohabitating, are you willing to follow the procedure of having to follow protocol and pay the bride price?
Whose responsibility is it to make sure the woman doesn’t fall pregnant? Is it the woman’s or the man’s alone or both have to take care of each other?
Love can be enjoyable but take care of how you plan and go about getting serious together!!!

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