Marriage series: Pregnancy

After the stare contest was over, he finally said, “we must abort this baby, we are not ready to keep it. What will people say at work and how about my family, not to talk of my friends, they will laugh at us.” Was this the same guy I had fallen in love with from the beginning, why was he talking of abortion as if the baby wasn’t going to be a blessing for us all. At this point I got so confused and my world began crumbling.

How could he say that  we are supposed to abort this baby, with all the stories I had heard about people dying during the process. He was now showing his true colours after showering me with all those sweet nothings. He was now showing the angry and furious side of him that he never showed me from the beginning. Before he said anything else, I had to force myself to agree to the abortion but deep down I was hurting.

Michael started making random phone calls to some of his friends, asking them if they knew any private doctor who dealt with abortion. After making several calls, he then sat down and said, “Emmie, I just remembered that I have an uncle who us a doctor. He deals with maternity issues and I am sure he will be able to help us.” Without hesitation I agreed to his demand and he called his uncle and scheduled a day in two weeks time. I was agreeing to all this but deep down I was very scared for my life and also regretting because I had kept this relationship from my relatives and who would I confide in now that I was in such a mess?

With this kind of stress, I only managed to go to work the following morning and I asked for a leave for the whole month. My manager agreed to this for he had been made to believe things were not okay with me when Michael left half finished documents in a hurry to get to me, the previous day. I was now going to be spending my time at home full time while Michael went to work to fend for us. His attitude towards me changed completely, he would come back home late, sometimes drunk and if I dared to ask him, he would get more angry and even attempt to beat me. What had I gotten myself into?

I remember calling Brian one of the days, just to know how he was and if he could spare some time for us to meet. My call was answered by a lady who seemed younger than me and she told me that her husband was not around and they had exchanged phones. When I told her who I was, my heart broke from her response, she labeled me, ‘the Heartbreaker who gave her a loving boyfriend.’ I hung up immediately after hearing these words and before long I started crying and my voice was even louder. I did not care who would hear me and who wouldn’t for I was just devastated.

Brian had moved on and left me and now Michael was beginning to show me his true colors. The following day, I set out to do an investigation on Brian and what I found out was even more heartbreaking. A month after I had left him, he had won a lottery priced at US$6000 and this was the money he had used to start his successful soap making business and he had managed to marry and was now moving around with the latest Discovery. I almost fainted after hearing all this but I gained strength so that I would get home safely. My life was really a mess now and I had left someone who loved me, for someone who liked me.


How would you feel if you were in Emmie’s shoes?

Was Michael right in deciding for an abortion simply because they were not ready?

Do you think Brian made a rushed decision by getting married?

Was Emmie wrong to look for and do a background check on Brian?

Not every decision you make in life is going to work for your good, but make sure not to leave what you love, for what you care. Emmie is now suffering for having followed a guy who flashed material things at her but is not willing to love her through thick and thin.

Life is what you make it and remember that a decision you make today will have an effect on your future. So before you let go of a love for a like, think twice. Is God at the centre of it all or you are being misguided by your feelings?

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