Marriage series: Pregnancy

When we first met, it was at our workplace, I had just arrived as a newbie and had no clue where to start from. At first glance, he smiled at me and immediately volunteered to show me around. ‘How considerate of him’, I thought to myself.

He was five years older than me and I thought to myself, well this could be just a friendship and nothing else. After showing me several blocks within our workplace and carefully explaining to me, he then asked for my name once again. I smiled shyly and then reminded him that I had introduced myself as Emilda Mtasa. He laughed at himself for forgetting so easily and only focusing on sharing his details alone. When he was done showing me around, he then suggested we go to the cafeteria to have a cup of coffee. When we arrived there, he was a gentleman enough to push the chair for me and allow me to sit. “Wow, my boyfriend had never done this for me”, the thought quickly raced my mind.

‘My name is Michael”, he finally said his name. I found myself blushing as he spoke and at some point I even got disappointed for I was falling too deep for his words. He asked to become my friend and without any hesitation i agreed. In no time, we had already connected on all social media platforms and i remember that he also took a picture of us having coffee for Instagram. He quickly captioned, “having coffee with a beautiful newbie”. I somehow felt this was wrong but i kept the words to myself with fear of destroying the new friendship or maybe i was just excited because of the way he had treated me.

I started spending more time on the phone with him after work and most times i would end up not giving my boyfriend even thirty minutes of my after work time. Brian would complain about this but i always argued that my work was tiresome. He started feeling insecure for he had not yet found a job after two years post college. When we were all still unemployed, i would reassure him that everything would be okay and we had to trust God but now that i was earning something, i somehow started forgetting the reassuring words. I would shout at him for not being able to buy me airtime, take me out or help with my hair do.

All this resentment began after one fateful weekend. Michael took me to one very nice Chinese restaurant and from there, he also took me to Imire game park. He had been working for almost five years now, so he now owned a car, was well versed with money making deals hence he could take a lady anywhere, at his own convenience. I began to feel a little love for Michael and started marking Brian down, even when he did something good. This was the beginning of our love story!!!


Dear ladies, have you ever been involved in a situation like this, a workplace love relationship?

Was it a personal choice or you were somehow afraid you would lose the job?

Did you enjoy the experience?

Would you leave your broke boyfriend for an already established workmate?

How long does it take you to know a guy before agreeing to go on a date?

Dear gentlemen, have you ever been left alone because you were broke?

How was the experience?

Would you stick around for a girl who leaves you because you are broke?

In this modern world, it has somehow become normal that the girls go chasing for money in a relationship than love. Most argue that they are looking for some security in a relationship and some say they want to be taken care of. But have you ever looked at yourself and done some self reflection, do you give yourself security and are you taking care of yourself? Security and care starts from within and as long as you do not have it yourself, you will never find it in anyone else, not even your family.

To the guys, the key is not to go out of your way to impress a lady, always be yourself. There is definitely a time for everything and time and chance happens to us all. So before you sulk on why they left you, ask yourself, “was this the right time and chance.”

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