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Several times we have tried to write our success stories and failed along the way. We have asked ourselves why and sometimes failed to get the answer. Most times the blame is shifted to the unstable economy, lack of funds or poor social support but have you ever stopped to ask yourself, if you have been supportive enough? What is it that is fixated in your mindset that could be hindering your progress?

Here’s a story…..
Maria had always been passionate about doing something that would help impact a change in someone’s life. She would not mind sharing her food or belongings with friends and most times the gesture would be extended even to strangers. Her friends always called her, the kind hearted Maria and some even prompted her to start a charity organization when she grew up. This idea was strongly kept in her head.
When she reached twenty, she had another different idea from the one of starting a charity organization. She wanted to start a school for the less privileged. By that time, she was already working for one non governmental organization and she was learning from their operations and trying to join that to her idea of starting a school. This was seeming to be a long process according to some of her colleagues, friends and family members and she had to find a shorter route and idea that would help her make money.
Within two months, Maria was introduced to online buying and selling by a friend. They persuaded her that this line of business would help her raise money to start her school and she would also be able to fund her charity organization. Immediately, Maria shifted her focus and out of excitement, she started ordering different stuff using her hard earned money. She did not do any market research, she was not sure why she was doing it, but she did it because her friends said it would help her make money. She even left her full time job and decided to start focusing on this online buying and selling business.
Finally, the stuff that she had ordered online arrived but it took her a month to find serious buyers and some clients would say different orders to the stuff she already had. She had put her money to waste and she had majored into something without really understanding why she was going for it. Before long, she started struggling financially and her dreams started crumbling bit by bit. Maria was a determined lady, who knew what she wanted to do but lost her why due to excitement from the perspectives of others.

Do you know your why? How big is your why and does your why help you achieve your goals? When your why is strong enough, unlike Maria, you are not easily shifted by the wind. It is not always about doing it because others are making it, rather you do it because you understand the outcome. Your why helps you plan strategically, your why is not easily overcome by excitement and even if they come with seemingly, valid reasons, you reevaluate them in order to stick to your why.
Knowing why you do what you do, will help with strategic planning of your activities. It will help with understanding who you are, your strengths, weaknesses and what you are comfortable doing. Maria might have not been the best at marketing or finding clients, so she may have assigned someone to take of the business for her. She may have also grasped the idea and taken time to learn from her friends’ operations not to be easily pushed into what she did not understand.
Knowing your why will also help with understanding how much time it will take before you start to fully operate in the area of your passion. It is important to stay under the guidance of those already ahead of you, while you learn to implement. We do not always start successful but it is very important to spare time to learn from those ahead of us in the field.


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