Motherhood Series

On one rainy morning,when i had just turned four, my mother looked me in the eyes and asked me, “is this what you really want now, do you really want to go to school?”. I agreed full of excitement and with unending smiles for i had seen my sister smile too when she left for school every morning. Did i really know what waited for me ahead, no, i only wanted to also carry my bag and go where others were going.

She held my hand all the way to my new creche. It was named Little Angels and this is the same creche my elder sister had attended. Somedays i would cry to remain there with her and so my mother resolved that i should also be enrolled there. This time my sister was nolonger there for she had started her primary studies and i had to go through this journey alone. We entered the gate and when i saw many children, i panicked and almost asked my mother to carry me on her back.

For some reason, she saw it but with fear of humiliating me, she just smiled and held my hand tightly. The war began when she had handed me over to my teachers and i had to remain while she went back home. I began to cry, i wanted her to spend the whole day with me but my new teachers refused. Sooner than later, i got used to the classroom setup and i started getting closer to some of my classmates. The classroom had a huge flat screen TV similar to that at home and so i started getting comfortable when they switched it on and asked us to sit down.

Oh their Television also had the same cartoons like those at home, did they steal from us or what was happening here? We were put into groups of fours and our teachers told us these were going to be our first friends in class and we would be allowed to make more as the days went by.My mother had made a good choice for me surely,i was beginning to like this place already.

Moral: How often in life have we thanked our mothers for making the right decision for us? Or several times it is always shifting blame on them for where your life is today? Our parents have a great role to play, especially mothers, remember all the stress they go through to look for a place for you at school. Sometimes they are even turned down and have to continue looking for a place elsewhere. It is always crucial to appreciate those women in our lives. I appreciate my mother and today we celebrate her big birthday. Here’s to wishing you many more years of smiles,happiness and the good Grace of God.

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