My Consistency Journey

Consistency sounds like an easy word but is it also an easy thing to do and achieve? What is Consistency? It is taking time to commit to your work and activities, putting in all the effort, making a constant follow and giving yourself an ultimate review. Growing up in an economy faced with hardships, it was never easy to know what you want exactly and where you want to go with life. It was never easy to get Career guidance and counseling from school, at some point we had to be forced to do things according to what our families or peers thought would make us money or give us security in the future. You can relate to this, right?

I was never immune to all this tossing and turning too and as a praying young woman, i kept asking God to show me his Purpose for me in this life. It was never an easy road, i had to cross certain paths that made me uncertain about life, i almost gave up. But who here appreciates the power of connections? God connected me to powerful men and women of God who helped me go through this consistency journey. I was directly and indirectly counselled and shown the way to go in life and i am forever grateful. Was this a one day thing of self rediscovery? Not at all.

Finally i found out that the thing i had been avoiding for years was my purpose, yes i had been made leader as i grew up and i had spoken to people but i never saw this as something that would become a part of me. i thought it was just a phase in growing up. However, nowadays, i find it easy to do things for others without asking anything in return, my smile comes naturally, i speak to inspire and writing found me or can i say, i found writing once again. This writing passion started with good grades in school and a strong passion of reading, I would write but i was very anxious and could not show my work with anyone. Just recently i had the priviledge to add one of the stories written at age fifteen in one of the books and this reminded me of the power of consistency.

Consistency requires you to have written down goals that you will constantly refer to. Are you in the habit of writing New year resolutions? Yes i am and guess what, some of these resolutions have become my consistency goals. I am constantly checking up on myself and doing a personal review. i do not forget to ask permission from myself too, it is very crucial. Your consistency journey is also approved by those around you, get me right, i am not saying agree to be tossed and turned to their liking but i am saying, take note of what others see as strengths and weaknesses from you and be willing to address these.

Do not hesitate to keep learning and improving your skills. At some point i said to myself, Why learn to write, why learn about editing when there are people who can do it better? But i realised it is what drives your passion forward and for you to be good in any area of your life, you need to be a good researcher. Overally, i am proud that i never gave up on myself and i am happy that Consistency has taken me this far and i am still going. Consistency is what makes me get up and say i need to inspire someone, it is what tells me to support someone and it is what moves me to connect with you the reader. The pictures above show me in my early consistency years and i wouldn’t want to add any filter to that, there is a story to be told there and the story goes on and on.

Before you give up on that dream, think about how consistent and committed you have been in this journey? what has consistency brought for you, has it brought about more pain or more smiles and what have you done about it? Trust me i was never an always smiling lady but when i found out that it was part of my passion and commitment journey, it just comes out so naturally and i do not regret it at all. I had days when i would cry writing, be shouted at writing, rumors spread about me, i kept writing and there were days i was not well but i kept writing, i kept motivating and i kept inspiring.

Today i want to challenge someone to wear your Consistency shoes with pride, this is your journey and no one will be there to push you all the time. Be willing to embrace the challenges that come along the way, its a learning Curve for you!!!

What have you done, how are you writing your Consistency story?#FOODFORTHOUGHT. #mysuccessstory


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