MY VALENTINE: The Untold Truth

From the first day we started dating, i have always wanted him to surprise me someday. He did not look like the kind of person but still i gave him room for change. Tatenda was my dream guy, the tall, dark, slim but muscular and handsome kind, what more would any girl want. We had met in high school, while i was attending extra lessons at his school during the holidays, he had tried so hard to approach me but i still refused him. He even sent his friends to beg him but i would always say he was not my kind of guy and we were of very different classes. This somehow broke his heart but he wasn’t going to give up on me. As sneaky as it may sound, facebook gsve him my contact details and this gave him a lot more confidence in himself. Two years down the line, our paths crossed again and this time it was just a day to Valentine’s. I wasn’t expecting to meet him and neither was i expecting any gift from anyone hence i continued with my errands. There are times when you can easily pick that you are being stalked, even when you do not know where the person is, that’s how I began to feel at this moment. Even though i was in a big supermarket, i started fearing for my life as well. When i reached the till and they had calculated my total amount, i heard a familiar voice saying, “excuse me, I need to get to the front.” Juat when i was turning to see who it was, he told the till operator that he was paying the bill and as if that was not enough, he knelt down and gave me a bunch of roses whilst he said the following words, “will you be my Valentine?” Shocked as I was, i accepted the roses and this became the beginning of the dating chapter in my life. He was indeed a sweet guy, but who said every sweet guy will last forever? Two months down the line, he changed. Shifting from being that guy who used to bringing presents and saying sweet words, to being that demanding guy. I was just eighteen years old by then and i did not understand the patterns of love so I kept on the faith that he would change back to the normal him someday. He was the first one to go to college before me and i was so happy for him but what i did not know was the horror awaiting me due to college peer pressure. Tatenda started changing, at first he would call to check up on me but it started one week, no contact, two weeks, which quickly turned to months. I had not expected him to cheat on me at all and so when some girls called threatening me to leave their boyfriend, i could not believe it. My desire was to speak to my lover and hear his side of the story. Its not surprising to be saying that he denied all the allegations and even changed for a few months, since he was on semester break. The following year’s Valentine came so fast and this time I did not know what to expect. I somehow expected him to be that cool and sweet guy but since he had changed, i also expected the worst. The trouble started two days before the day when he pressured me to sleep with him and i stood my ground and refused. He laughed at me and said i was too outdated that is why he had chosen to enjoy life with clever girls in college. I was furious but at the same time confused on what to do. Should i just give in to the pressure or let him go? He was my first but i did not want to risk being left alone and hurt, i asked for a day to think about it. Little did i know that i was just brewing trouble for myself…. Don’t forget to view and comment, the story has a moral and a continuation too. Happy Valentine’s day!!!!

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  1. I feel like Valentine's is a little overrated. Why show special love on one specific day and not show it everyday like some of us do.

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