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Kindom Woman Speak

This is a book about a young girl transitioning to adulthood in her Christian walk. She faces a lot of obstacles along the way and these include betrayal from friends, peer pressure, pain from failure and making a lot of wrong choices. The young lady Emily transitions from being a woman Facing inferiority to finally rise into a Woman of Influence.


The story of a young man growing up and planning his success story. In this book Michael is faced with a lot of life obstacles and these include Spirituality, relationships, business and networking. Michael learns that it is with a strategically positioned and changed mind that one can eventually write their success story. The book also has insights for personal Reflection where an individual poses to address a shift in their mind.

Impairment Diaries

Disabilities study and practical engagement is an area that is usually neglected by a lot of people. This is book is a compilation of short stories that talk about issues affecting the disabled in the society. It also helps change perceptions of the disabled and improve the way we accommodate them in the society. A disability friendly world is possible and inclusion participation is the way to go.


This is a short Novel which describes the ordeal of a young girl Amy. Amy was left by her mother at age five and was sexually abused by her father. For four good years she suffered in the hands of her father and her neighbour had to try and take care of her. Amy finds her redemption when she goes for her mother's wedding and took the chance to run away after receiving a disheartening letter. She thought this was the end of her but a loving family took her in and saw her through school.

Behind The Desk

Females have been given posts mainly behind the desk where they have to make order for everyone and also be subject to a lot of pressure. There can never be a home, office or society without women but still, there are a lot of inequalities. Behind the Desk is a compilation of Poems that speak for Women and advocate for a changed society regarding the way we treat and work with women.