Rejection: Motherhood series

When she saw me, her eyes started getting red, i knew she may have wanted to cry but at the same time she showed anger and resentment. Had it not been that she was standing right on the altar she may have ran towards me. We were ushered to our respective seats by neatly dressed ladies and these seats had been set aside for the bride’s relatives. The chairs were so comfortable and i really felt relaxed and started wishing i would just have a change of life from there.

I tried shifting positions on the chair since i had sat for a long time and i felt a very sharp pain coming from in-between my legs. Just then i remembered, he had forced me again last night and yesterday he seemed to have drank something that gave him too much energy for he was so rough and harsh on me. A tear dropped on my cheek. Our neighbor noticed it and she comforted me. She told me that it was normal for me to cry as i missed my mother and she even reassured me that she would take me back. Had she known why i was crying, she may have cried too but i kept my mouth shut as i had promised my monster father.

We followed all the proceedings for the wedding and even managed to have a share of the nice and savoring meals they had prepared. I remember asking for seconds for i now felt like i had all the freedom to eat without fear of being asked to have forced sex. After eating, people were supposed to go to the next reception for the after party but we were called aside by another lady who looked like my mother. I don’t remember if i ever met her before but for sometime it felt like i was in my mother’s arms.

“What are you doing here Amy? and you, is this the reason why my sister invited you to her wedding? Couldn’t you just come and enjoy the ceremony and go back in peace, shame on you, home wrecker.” At this point i got scared once again, what was happening here? Was she here to tell me that i would not have even a second near my mom, my biological mother?

How could she be so busy not to even want to see her very own daughter? My mother’s sister handed me a note and it took me longer to open it for i was shocked. It read,”if you know whats good for you leave this venue and if you still want your life don’t ever look for me. I am nolonger your mother and we will never be reunited, go in peace.” At this point i wanted to faint but i remember walking away. I did not know where i was going and who i was going to. After several minutes i heard our neighbour’s voice calling my name from a distance. I wanted to turn but my neck was so stiff, i wanted to run but my legs were so heavy. Just then…..

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