Spiritual Management

Many people usually like to hide under the name of being Spiritual yet not really knowing what it means. You hear someone saying, ” Yes I go to church every Sunday and I know every pastor and elder of the church.” Is that being Spiritual or we have mistaken Spirituality and human relations.

Spiritual management begins at individual level and this involved your closeness to God. The Bible says, ‘Commit your work unto the Lord and your plans will be established.’-Proverbs 16 v 3. This is one of my favorite scriptures as it talks about our connection to God.

Someone may then say but I don’t know how to commit my work to God. How often do you read the Bible, or let alone do you even have one? What information do you usually spend more time feeding your mind with?

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy for you to read that Romantic Novel of more than 300 pages over night and still forget to read even a sentence of the Bible? This has to do with Spiritual management. It is how you structure your time that will help you master Spiritual Management.

Spiritual Management has to do with how much time you spend with God, connecting to the son and with the Holy Spirit. There is a scripture which says, ‘they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth. ‘
Are you doing the praise and worship for God or you want your pastor to see you? Do you wish for your congregation to applaude you yet you don’t know exactly what the Lord wants of you? Get this right, ‘Spirituality is never about pleasing the next person or gaining human favor, never.’

Before you think of what the next person will say, get your Spirituality straight this year. 2022 has a lot in store for you but do you know that you can miss it if you don’t pay attention to Spirituality?

Here are some of the things you can do to help manage your Spiritual Life;
1) Pray without ceasing
2) Make God the first and ultimate goal for your success
3) Start the day with a scripture and end it with a scripture
4) Do a thanksgiving prayer everyday
5) Do not normalise praying to ask for things, also allow time to hear and let the spirit teach you
6) Be a friend with your Bible
7) Pray and fast for Spiritual growth
8) Seek a Spiritual Mentor
9) Join Corporate prayer groups
10) Be part of a Bible believing church, stay faithful to your tithe and offering.

Spiritual guidance and proper management comes to a willing, open and teachable spirit. Have you ever wondered why God sent his son on earth? He was obedient to the walk of Spirituality even up to death.
Can you live like Jesus or any of the saints?

The journey is not smooth, it has ups and down but stand strong with Christ. If the answers delay, always be ready to Wait on The Lord.
“The grass withers, flowers fade but the word of God endures forever.”-Isaiah 40:8
Take time to read and understand scriptures as you grow Spiritually with each passing day.

Pave way for a Successful 2022 through embracing Spiritual Management.
No man is an island, you can seek a Mentor, Pastor, Coach or Prayer partner to help you through the walk.🙏👏

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3 thoughts on “Spiritual Management”

  1. Quite profound, our general seems content with settling or having the form of godliness. THAN an actual personal experience with God. Even the congregational n media spiritual group, are half of the spiritual journey. The actual endeavor lies in pursuing a personal encounter with God. Guess in pitching our year, we shld make Jesus the example to follow, He often withdrew from mobs and even the circle of His own disciples, just to soak more in the presence of God. And in doing this, thus nurturing His personal connection with God and emerging one of the powerful Human ministers on Earth, because His connection with God also kept in perspective His destiny and ensured He was supplied with all the Devine power He needed then,

  2. True spirituality is walking in the light of the Word of God. Man is a Spirit being, has a soul and lives in a physical body. But man can subject himself to the body and its senses and become fleshy or carnal. The bible says to be carnally minded is dead meaning that when you walk in the flesh you are taking the path that leads to death. Being spiritual requires an individual to manage their minds so that you are conscious of the word of God to an extend that it rules and controls their actions. So spirituality requires that one should not only study the Word but also meditate on the word coupled with constant fellowship with God through prayer.

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