Stranger Series

I have always been a shy and reserved kid from when I was young and this took toll in my life up to the early years of my high school. As if that was not enough, it always made me anxious to walk around people, let alone talk to them and I would run away from any possible group conversation. Those who did not me better mistook me for a pompous person, if only they knew what I was suffering from!

When I reached my third year in high school I was beginning to try and fit in some group discussions but it was still hard for me. Then I met this girl, she had transferred to my class and had just arrived while we were coming back from break.

Everyone got curious to know who she was but none had the courage to talk to her. Just because I was a shy kid, I used to sit in the back of the class and this would make me one of the last people to be noticed by either the teachers or the prefects to perform any duties.

Finally Tapiwa came from break and everyone knew he would say something, we all became silent. He was one of the bullies in my class and he did not hesitate to say whatever he wanted any chance he got.

‘Hey stranger, why are you standing in front of the board, we have work to copy from there!,’ Tapiwa roared. ‘Have we met before? If we haven’t please find your way to the back seat where losers are accomodated.’ he spoke without any regrets on his face.

For sure there was some space beside me as it seemed no one wanted anything to do with me. I felt a rush of anger but I knew that I could do nothing about what Tapiwa had said and everyone was now laughing.

I buried my head with my hands as the new girl approached me and I shifted to the seat in the corner. ‘Hello my dear, my name is Melissa’, she spoke with a sweet voice that made me curious to look at her again. I was dump founded at that moment, she looked flawless.

‘My name is Emily and I’m one of the back benchers. Welcome and have a seat’, I finally spoke and had all these words to say. There was something about this girl that I liked so much, was it her smile or it was the confidence? I had a long way to go with her.

For the fist time in two and a half years at my school, I spent the whole day smiling and having the best conversations. I could feel all the other girls envying me but who cared, this was a major turnaround for me.

The story of bullies in schools is real and it’s usually done to newbies.

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