The Beginning

I have always been a reserved person and never had the desire to share my personal life or achievements. We met in high school and he only wanted to be my friend, I blocked him. I had no female friends so what would a guy want to do in my personal space? I wouldn’t let that happen.

Despite all my efforts to chase him away, he remained and he made efforts to be sweet and caring with each passing day. Thabani just would not give up on me. He kept telling me that he wanted to be a friend and even more.

Four years down the line, we meet again in college, I had forgotten about his existence but he never did. “Hello Emily, do you still remember me?” He spoke with a manly voice and had grown tall that I failed to recognise him. Thabani reminded me of the days in high school and made sure that I get parts to laugh about too.

This was our reunion and we started dating from then. The relationship had been built from high school days and it was easy for us to fall foe each other with each passing day. We watched each other grow and helped each other through the college years. He introduced me to his family and I did the same too.

We had made a vow to stay together and we were going to start a family. All we wanted was to get stable lives and then make sure to leave a legacy for our children. Despite the economic situation if our country, we were highly ambitious and ready to build each other up.

Were we going to continue living smoothly, was the family tree we imagined going to be a possibility? Would anything ever go wrong?

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