The Beginning

Hello everyone. I am pleased to welcome you to this blog site where we share the day to day experiences of girls in their lives. So often, the girl child is faced with different changes and experiences that they somehow do not understand and they also fail to share it with anyone else. These challenges range from physical body changes, the menstrual cycle, relationships in the family, friends, society and at the workplace and spiritually. As a lady, i have gone through some of the challenges, have researched and have witnessed other ladies experiencing some of these problems too. The experience is so overwhelming and if one does not take control of their life or seek proper advice, they may end up losing it in the process. As one grows, they engage in a lot of activities, from going to school, attending church, being part of a family, having friends, dating, going to college and eventually getting a job or starting a business. Had it been a smooth ride, most of us would not seek professional or ask for assistance from friends and family. But what if you do not have a family, or friends, or what if you do not belong to any church or community? Identity Crisis is also one challenge that weighs down the girl child and will have an influence in some of the challenges they face in life. I believe this is going to be an interesting journey as we share various situations, discuss them and give each other advice on the way forward. Life is too short to spend it angry on yourself, unhappy or disappointed over that person who decided to turn their back on you for no reason. Welcome all!!! Regards Emmah.

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