The Faint: Valentine Series

He ran towards me for he had panicked because of the faint. Nyarie please wake up, he said but it seemed like i was very unconscious and talking to me would be a total waste of time. He rushed to the car park and brought his car closer to where i was and he then went on to ask for assistance from some of my colleagues. When i finally opened my eyes, i was in had a drip in my hand, was lying in bed and wearing hospital clothes. My head really felt heavy and i woke up in panick mode for i knew that today was a working day and we had a very important meeting eith a big client for the company. Just when i was about to get off the bed, his hand held me back and i saw his smile once again. “Thank God you are awake”, he said. From the sound of his voice, i noticed that it was not only him who was worried about my wellbeing. My mother and brother entered the room and looked very happy to see me awake. Who had called them here, was it that serious and how come even my colleagues were waiting outside. They allowed me to sit and explained to me that i had spent the whole week unconscious and this had made everyone worried and the necessary family members had been contacted. Her father could not join them for he was out of the country attending a workshop with potential investors for his company. I started crying for i knew that everyone here cared for me but what they did not know was that his death still tormented me and i did not know if this heavy heart was ever going heal. Several hours later, i was discharged and i thanked him for rescuing me and making sure that the most important people are notified on time. My mother decided to stay for two weeks, monitoroing my health and food uptake while my brother had to rush back for he had work and oter businesses waiting for him. He was my only brother and we shared this bond that i could not spend a week without either talking to him on the phone or visiting him at his workplace. Her first worry was that i could be pregnant and i had to laugh when she walked in with two pregnancy test kits. “What are those for mama?”, i asked. She assured me that all she wanted was to be sure and see for herself and she went on to tell me how she used to faint when she was pregnant for my elder sister who happens to be the first child. I let her do what she wanted for i knew that i was clean to this act and surely both tests were negative. After two weeks, when she was now sure that i am fit, she went back home and made sure to leave my house full of groceries so that i do not fail to cook for myself or at least eat. Two days after she had left, something raced in my mind. Why had i not thought of it all these days, was it loneliness that was beginning to build up now or did i really want to see himagain. He had not called or texted in the two weeks and had not even made attempts to visit me. What had changed his mind, or was he too busy with work to only say hi. I picked my phone and immediately dialled his number and it was not picked the first time. On my second and final attempt, he answered and i could hear from the sound of his voice that he was bored. “Hi good samaritan”, i said jokingly and he remained silent. Finally he said, “Are you a Queen of hearts, why did you kill your boyfriend and how many guys are you dating now? Are trying to lure me into your traps or you think that every man can be fooled? Where was all this coming from? Who had told him about my past, it could not be my mother because some of the issues she knew but not with greater detail like this. I forced myself to sit on the sofa for this had come as a shocker and now i set out to try and figure out who knew me that much to the point of blocking my moving on. I really had to find out and deal with this first, so i hung up the call and set out to think things through…. don’t forget to follow, like, share and leave a comment.

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