The GIFT I Never Expected; Valentine Series.

When we first met, I refused his proposal for we had so many years difference and he was like a father to me. He asked for my phone number and i told him I couldn’t for i had nothing to do with him. He had friends in his car and hence he promised that it was going to be strictly business. I had just finished college and i knew pretty well that i was soon going to fall in the unemployed bracket so i gave in and just gave him my number. Few hours later, he texted me and mentioned his name and also reassured that all he wanted to do was help me pursue my dream. I fell in his trap and we started communicating constantly, it got to the extent of me not even realising that i had a boyfriend. He told me he had a wife and four children and he dearly loved and respected his family. I respected him for that and yes i kept on reminding him that our relationship was just a corporate thing. It started as a corporate thing for sure but who said business partners go for regular dates and even spend the whole day together? Sooner than expected, he had become a blesser in my life and I waas now in the cheating business. All my life I had been scared of this as i saw others girls fall prey to married men, but i dont know why i ended up giving in to his demands. They started as casual outings and we would separate our ways before night fall. I got used to this relationship and just then I relocated to the same city he stayed. This granted us all the freedom we needed and my work was very flexible such that i would manage to even go out for a whole week with him. I had trapped myself in a blesser relationship and i now had blames only for my boyfriend. I would name and shame him for failing to buy me even the smallest gift. Even when he tried to make me smile by making surprise visits, i would shout at him as though he had broken something valuable. My boyfriend even tried to convince me to get back to the old me, who was all loving and caring but as funny as it may sound, i was already attached to the blesser. Valentine’s day came and here was me, not expecting any gift from my boyfriend but from my blesser. The blesser knew that i had a boyfriend but i made sure that my boyfriend would never find out, even though he had his suspicions. We planned our booking at a local lodge in town, where we were going to meet and enjoy this special day while i also receive my gift from my blesser. He arrived earlier than me to make sure that the logistics were catered for and when i arrived, everything was already in order. I did not see my gift but we quickly rushed into our romance as he had promised that i would get my gift soon from a surprise knock. Just when all my clothes were off my body, i heard a gentle knock on the door. I stood up with excitement and wrapped a towel around my body then rushed to the door. He stood there shocked and in disbelief and just when he saw my face and the state i was in, he started crying like a baby. The blesser was right behind me and he called my boyfriend in. Wait a minute, did these two know each other, what was happening here? “Hello uncle”, my boyfriend finally said……. Dont forget to view, like, share and drop a comment too….

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