The Moral Continued: Valentine Series

Was Rufaro bad in caring for her friend’s wellbeing? After all they had been friends from a tender age right. What kind of friend would you want for yourself, the one you choose or the one by default? It is always important to be conscious of your decisions as you grow. Some people have been our friends from when we were young but is it not possible that we can change friends as we grow? Does your friendship choice have to be influenced by your mother or family? In the first, is your family even close to you or they are just sidekicks in your life? I believe that family should be our first friend for inasmuch as we have our differences, we can always settle them. Family will always be there for you even when everyone else is gone. They are part of your nature and nurture so cherish them. Our elders in the family have been through most of the issues we are passing through as we grow so why not give them time to teach you from experience? In this learning curve of life, i have learnt that family is not all about blood, it is that bond we share, those people who can be there for you even when they get nothing in return. Those people who can tell us the plain truth without caring if it hurts but expecting change in return. I have been privileged to also meet a lot of those people in my life, how about you? Life is too short to be stiff, seek advice and also aim to be there for others. A famous speaker once said, “If you set out to get friends, then expect to get none but if you go out to be a friend, then expect to get many.” What is your resolution about friends? Let’s discuss!!! Read, like, share, comment and follow my blog.

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