The Surprise: Valentine Series

He tried talking to me but at this point he realised i was nolonger as comfortable as the time we left my house. In silence, we approached a blue gated house or apartment, wait a minute it must have been a hotel but i did not know it for i was not much of an outing person and even if i went out, i don’t think i would take myself here. There were guards on the gate, who welcomed us with a smile and asked if we had a reservation and he answered positively. At this point i noticed that he had a huge and bright smile on his face, that i could have told you so but its a surprise look. What a beautiful and grand hotel it was and from the look of things this must have been where most Ministers and the rich spent their spare time refreshing and relaxing. Wow, was the only word that came out of my mouth and he noticed my smile and the easiness and happiness that was now building up on me. “You like the place right? This is one of the newest hotels in town, The Grand Pixie and i thought of bringing you here tonight. I know its far but since it is Friday and we both do not have work tomorrow, we will be just fine.” Some thoughts raced in my mind as i tried to recall if i had not agreed to a client coming in tomorrow and i smiled when i realised that my Sartuday was really free. Talk of nicely built places, this hotel was one of them and just from the infrastructure i could tell that they served high quality meals. We greeted by neatly dressed waiters who confirmed our booking and immediately asked us to follow him. I do not know how many times i said wow on this for everything here was so grand and one couldn’t help but admire. When we reached our table, Ranga went ahead of me and he held the chair for me as i comfortably sat there and when i was done, he also took his seat. Now i was curious, who was he that he could afford all this? Was he the son of a rich person or he was just a spy sent to monitor me, i felt a fear rush on me but i contained myself and maintained the smile and confidence. He asked for the special honor to order food and wine for us and instantly told him i was not a wine person and just juice would do. I could not take wine for i was afraid of being given alcoholic ones and then i either fail to contain myself or end up pushing him away. He was doing a great job so far and i felt very comfortable and loved around him. We kept exchanging comments about how delicious the food was and he even laughed at me for i was eating my meal very fast, i couldn’t lie, i was now very hungry and the smell of this food even made me more hungrier. It was a Chinese meal and we had to use chop sticks to eat, i became very thankful to myself and my job for i had taken myself out to Chinese restaurants and we had attended workshops and ordered Chinese food too. I got caught deep in my meal to the extent of not paying attention to some of the things he was saying to me. When we had finished eating and were now waiting for our dessert, he posed a question that i wasn’t expecting just now. He said, “Tell me more about yourself Nyarie, i saw that your profile did not have much but was so interesting for me.” At this point i became disturbed again, i did not know if i should tell him everything or hide the truth. Did he really have to know that a guy had once died because i had refused their proposal or did he really have to know the family i came from? What if he ends up judging me and leaves me here in this isolated hotel? Was he gentleman enough to just absorb me and my past in his future? With all these questions i got scared and it almost took forever for me to open my mouth and answer him. don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow my blog!!!

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