The Thin Line Continued: Valentine Series

At this point i started researching on the internet what to do when meeting a guy from an online dating app. It was like i was beginning the journey of love again. A part of me said it was okay but another part was very scared and told me to continue being as reserved as possible. I had no girl friend now but all i had were workmates and i decided to seek some advice. Some adviced me to be careful as some of the guys may be scammers or serial killers and some may be gold diggers too. This got me all confused and hesitant for it was my first time doing this. Finally, the agreed date arrived and i spent the whole day at work nervous and paying little attention to detail and this worried my boss a lot. She called me to her office and i took her as my mother so i knew this time she was concerned about something. “What is happening to you today Nyarie, you seem distracted by something?” I reassured her that i was okay and only scared because i was going on a date tonight after not being involved in it for a long time. She laughed at me and asked that i should keep my confidence, stand my ground and also be accomodative. Mrs Mhangwa also told me that love had no formula and i shouldn’t be worried or afraid at all. Around 6pm, when i had finished my work and was preparing to drive myself home, he called me. “Hello beautiful, are you ready for tonight? I can see you look great in that pink outfit of yours, can we take it from here to dinner. I choked before answering him, he had been checking me out and at this moment i got scared. Was he really a serial killer or a kidnapper? I had not put any of my addresses on my online dating bio, so how did he know my whereabouts? I started recalling my boss’s statement that love has no formula and it knows no boundary and this is what he was doing to me for sure. I smiled then with a slightly shaky voice replied, “no just give me time to go home and freshen up, plus would we take two cars for a date?” He laughed and then said okay am right behind you but i will make sure to give you all the time you need to freshen up as a lady. I could not help it but keep smiling and continue imagining if his face was as handsome as it looked on his profile. Just then questions started racing in mind, why had he chosen online dating, had he also broken a lady’s heart or made someone kill themself like me? The thoughts kept changing from time to time but i could feel the blood rush of excitement as i drove myself home. From my rear view mirror, i saw him pull his car over at our neighbour’s outside parking bay and i quickly entered the house. I had already chosen a black dress for the day but from the way he had admired my pink outfit, i knew he was a bright colour lover. I picked one of my red dresses and blended it with black heels, red lipstick, nice hairstyling and a red clutch bag. By the time i was through, i found him standing on my doorstep, with a beautiful bunch of red roses. Wow my favorite, i almost hugged him but i just gave him a shy smile and then thanked him for the flowers. He held my hand and asked my permission for him to walk with me to his car. With a big smile on my face, i agreed and we set off. I did not know where we were going but from the look on his face, it should be a nice and romantic spot. How i started wishing in my heart that i would be the frist girl he takes there and that it would be a very nice spot too. We drove for a long time and i noticed that we were about to leave Harare towards Mt Daerwin and that is when he turned to this seeming isolated street. At first before, we turned i said why would he take me to my hometown but when he turned, i got nervous once again, was he really a killer and if yes, why had he chosen me. I wasn’t ready to die and this moment i started saying silent prayers to the Lord asking for forgiveness. Read, like, share, comment and follow.

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