The Thin Line: Valentine Series

My love life has surely been a mess but i knew very soon, since i was becoming of age, society would start giving me intense pressure on getting married or either being in a serious relationship. So i set out on a journey to love again and this time i decided to try online dating first and this became my new journey. Online dating sites can be so much fun sometimes, you meet the good looking, criminal looking, the decent looking and the desperate guys as well as girls too on the platforms. Sometimes it is also hard to distinguish if one is a girl or a guy and not to mention the lesbian and gay community, they are also part of these sites. His biography caught my attention and funny enough he had no picture to compliment it, just his phone number and a few more details. Who was this mysterious but charming guy? What if he wasn’t a person and what if he was a serial killer? All these thoughts started racing in my mind and it took me hours of hesitation before i finally clicked the links to his social media pages. They also seemed very private, with litlle or no information and just then i decided, this is what i needed now, a ptivate life. I needed a private relationship with little or no hustles and i needed to take more time to know him even before publishing or showing him off to the general public. I had to send him a message on the given phone number and i could’nt help but laugh at myself when i found out that i kept on typing and deleting message after message. Finally, i just typed an simple hello and decided to wait for his reaponse. The response did not come the moment i expected it and i decided to start looking at other potential profiles since it was a weekend. I got tired of looking at people’s profiles and i finally logged out of the sites and decided to sleep. It was around 10pm when i received his call and since i was used to being called from work, i hesitated to answer for i did not want to be bothered with work close to midnight. He called again the second time and what struck my attention the most was that the number looked very familiar. I had taken most of my time memorising it and it was not hard for me to recall it. My heart somehow started beating faster and i found myself smiling at him when i answered the call. “Hello, is this Nyarie?”, he said. I wanted to answer immediately but his charming voice must have tied my tongue and just then he started asking for forgiveness as he had called at a later time and how he had been busy with a work function that was scheduled for the weekend. Did i listen to most of it, no but i somehow got excited. What a gentleman, asking to be forgiven even before we met, he was such a charmer. Finally i spoke and instead of greeting him, i remember thanking him for being such a committed man to his work and for not settling for less in life but for what he wanted. Wait a minute, was this the reason why he had called me? Definitely not but even up to today, i laugh at myself for i also do not understand what his charm did to me that day. We spoke as though we had met and within an hour of talking together, we had managed to arrange for our first date. I danced after the call as i got excited about meeting but just then the thought raced my mind, did i have the clothes for a date or it was just my casual wear and the scrubs for my work and a few formal wear for emergency meeting or company gatherings? What had i gotten myself into this time, i really had to go shopping and unfortunately, i had to go alone for i had just lost a best friend because of a guy. The date was scheduled for mid week and i couldn’t help but wish for the days to fly so that i finally get to meet him. All these days, he kept sending me charming and loving messages and most of my colleagues couldn’t help but notice that i was glowing and blushing most of the times at work…….. MORAL Have you ever felt pressured by society to love or settle down? Well it happens to most ladies and few if any are immune to it. However, nomatter the pressure, always remember that it is not about what they want for your love life is a choice, do not settle for less, for it may only bring hurt, oain and shame in return. To unlock more inseerts, dont forget to read, like, share, comment and press the follow button. Twitter: Emmline(@Emmline6) Instagram: Missm770 Facebook page: Emmline books Official Facebook group: Emmline books.

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