The Unexpected Gift: Continued…..

I wanted the ground to just open up and swallow me for i felt like i was already drowning. My boyfriend started naming and shaming me and without hesitation he reminded me of ho my family would react if they found out i had done such an act and what of his family, they had always seen me as a makoti and they kept telling their son to love,cherish me and never break my heart. Now that i had broken his heart, who was going to lose their face. AS he spoke, I could see tears flowing on his cheeks and by now his shirt was getting wet. From the look of things, he had not had time to change from his work clothes and had just rushed the moment he received the call. Finally he went quiet and his uncle, my blesser took over. “My nephew, i am glad you made it here on time for i was afraid your lady would lose it today all for a Valentine’s gift. She does love you, for she never stopped mentioning your name and that she was only keeping herself for you, even when we spent nights together. As adamant as she may seem, she does care. I remember asking her one of these days, what if your boyfriend finds out and she clearly stated that she was afraid you would find out and break the relationship up. However, she also mentioned how you sometimes spend days without talking to her even during your off days and how you had many girls for friends and take it as a normal thing. Truth be told my boy, these ladies need care otherwise you may lose while you care for your friends, never break communication with them, at any cost.” Words of wisdom had been said there but i wasn’t willing to say anything for i was really furious at both of them, all i had done was put my phone on voice recording and wait to hear from them in case any of them tried something stupid. At some point i also feared for my life for those stories i used to hear on social media, one of them was happening now. Takura stood up and looked and me with red eyes and his hands fisted. “I do love my girl uncle but i am still failing to understannd how i wronged her for her to think of dating a blesser. How long had the distance become that within two months, she was already cheating on me? I cannot say to you take her because i started this game but i am also afraid, what if am not the only one and you were not the only blesser? Should we do a virginity test right now or maybe i will break it and then you also enjoy your share of her and we leave?” At this point i had worn all my clothes and shoes and while they were deep in conversation, i picked my phone and ran for the door that had been left open when Takura entered. I ran as fast as i could without caring for their call, without looking back, disappointed with my Valentine and also angry at myself for allowing such a thing to happen. All i was thinking of right now was where i was going to sleep for they knew my place and i really needed a better plan….. MORAL As sad and intriguing as this story may sound, it is not unique for most of the young girls of this generation. In a bid to slay, some have given their lives up for blessers. Its okay to slay, but why not slay with what you own? Men and women, we are all equal, so why not work hard to empower yourself and be financially strong. A financially strong lady is as powerful as a loaded gun, anytime they can shoot and anytime they can help their man take over and build an empire. Why settle for less when you can be more? Why be used, when you can be very useful on your own? To the fathers, brothers, uncles and grandfathers out there, why are you letting the girl child go? Why should going out on a date start with her boyfriend? Why does she need to date your age in order to feel satisfied? Why does being taken to a hotel make her give up her body, when you could have introduced her to the luxuries? Do presents only have to come from dates when you could have taught her how its done? I can on and on but the bottom line is, as much as it is the mothers and aunts responsibility to teach the girl child, it is equally yours too to give her the practical lessons so that she doesn’t have to force her boyfriend to get her a chocolate or else get it from a blesser. They are too young to suffer from violence or abuse and contacting diseases. so safeguard them as you would safeguard yourself. #Emmline #Follow my blog.

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  1. Yah the life of the girl child is somehow hard to understand, too bad we the men are constantly busy and not find just that little time to take our daughters and nieces through the luxuries of life.

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