What i did not know: Valentine Series

When i was in college, i had this friend of mine named Rufaro. Rufaro was so close to me as we came a long way from primary school, even we were not that close by then. She was the one person i confided in and i used to give her updates of all my rellationships. She knew about Tatenda and how he had cheated on me and we had broken up and she knew about Tanaka and how he had died on Valentine’s day after i had refused his proposal. My friend had laughed at me and called me Queen of hearts for she also knew about Tatenda. I remember at one point she had wished one of the two guys had proposed her and she would have taken better care of them but then she immediately said she was joking. She had been monitoring my life and kept on insisting that i was not yet ready to move on. When she saw this new guy, she advised me that all he wanted was to use me and i should not fall for his new tricks. I half agreed with her and i remember one day clearly telling her that i had to move on with my life and not keep mourning the dead. Rufaro was the only person who knew all these secrets in detail and if anything were to happen to me, it would be her. I sat down and started crying, what had i done to my only friend and why was she doing all this to me? My tears could not stop flowing and i vowed to myself that i would not eat till i got to the conclusion of this. I picked my phone and dialled her number, she did not pick the first and on my second attempt, she answered. “Hey bestfriend, how have you been. i miss you so much my dear Queen of hearts, how is everything with the new guy?” She sounded very happy with these words and just then i decided to tell her everything was fine while faking a smile and trying hard to laugh. I had a new idea in my mind and just then i decided to end my call and prepare to go out. My first stop was a surprise visit to Rufaro’s house for a little bit of catching up and refreshing and also for her to be there for me. I felt that i also missed my dear friend and sister and if she agreed we would go for our usual random catching up shopping. It never occured in my head that i was in for a surprise where i was going. I found Ralph, my new guy friend in her room and worse still she was sitting on his lap and they were half naked enjoying a bottle of wine. This came as a shocker, for i never expected Rufaro to want to hurt me, she was like a sister to me. I opened my mouth to speak and closed it halfway, i tried again and failed to utter a word. The first thing that came in my mind was i had to leave this place and let them be. Rufaro stopped me and she even had the guts to run to me and ask me to come and sit down, as my friend, i did not want to disappoint her, so i complied. “Hi Nyarie”, Ralph finally said, and i just waved back. Friend i have to tell you something, this was now Rufaro speaking. “For so long i have watched hurt and refuse guys that love you and this made me envy you. When i saw Ralph approaching you, i said why her, what could be more special about you? Then fearing that you may hurt him again, i followed him and had to tell him your past love stories. You can not keep having them all and hurting them. Uhhm no, so i had to act. Call me man snatcher but he came here freewillingly and he was even undressing me with a deep passion.” These words were too much to bear and i knew i could not fight any of them so i let Rufaro finish speaking and wait to hear if Ralph had anything more to say. “I am sorry Nyarie but your friend is sweeter than you and she is my kind of girl, all the best in life and hope you do not end up killing anyone else.” He said these words without fear or hesitation and it send a huge blow to my nerves. I had to be very strong and so i just stood up and thanked them for their precious advice and time then i excused myself. This was a story of love, hate and hurt. I had lost a chance to move on and at the same time my bestfriend, life sure can be funny. MORAL What’s your take on friends knowing everything about yourself? Who is that one friend you trust with your life? Are they best you can ever have or sometimes you just feel you have no option and have to play with them? Let’s discuss, friendship and love. are they related or what? don’t forget to read, like, share, comment and follow my blog.

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